The Beauty of Natural Hardwoods

Natural hardwoods have specific characteristics that make them warm and appealing to the eye. Swirls, knots and burls are some characteristics that contribute to the natural beauty of finely crafted hardwood furniture. Hardwoods oxiodize, or change color, from exposure to direct light. The color of the wood will deepen over time and take on a warm glow and soft patina.

Care of Your Furniture

When we make a piece of Copeland Furniture, we hope that it will be used and cherished by generations to come, so we have created a clear finish that is silky, smooth to the touch and still tough enough to stand up to the wear and tear of daily family activities. To preserve the beauty of the finish, simply clean the surface of the furniture with a soft damp cloth and then dry it thoroughly. Care over the years to come will not require oil, polishes, or cleaners.

Maple is a dense, heavy strong wood with a light, silvery color in its sapwood.

Cherry is a soft wood and is greatly prized for its warm, red color and highly figured grain.

Walnut is known for its rich brown patina that grows lusturous with age.

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