Moduluxe with Clapboard


Moduluxe is a highly configurable bedroom and storage system that can adapt to most spaces and needs. Moduluxe Beds, configured for mattress only, may be ordered in multiple headboard designs and heights with either under-bed storage or with a deeply in-set plinth base for a dramatic floating motif. All beds are available with attachable nightstands with either a flat shelf or single drawer storage.

The Moduluxe Bedroom is crafted in solid American black walnut hardwood with natural finish. The Moduluxe Bedroom is also crafted in solid maple or cherry and Made to Order in several finishes. The finish is GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions.

35" H Queen: 66" W x 86" L x 35" H
35" H King: 82" W x 86" L x 35" H
35" H Cal King: 78" W x 90" L x 35" H
29" H Queen: 66" W x 86" L x 29" H
29" H King: 82" W x 86" L x 29" H
29" H Cal King: 78" W x 90" L x 29" H

Digital images are an approximation of the actual color and vary from monitor to monitor and, as such, cannot be considered an exact representation of a product's actual color.

  • 1,01,2,Clapboard_Headboard,7,No_Nightstand,9,NoUpholstery
  • 1,03,2,Clapboard_Headboard,7,No_Nightstand,9,NoUpholstery
  • 1,04,2,Clapboard_Headboard,7,No_Nightstand,9,NoUpholstery
  • 1,11,2,Clapboard_Headboard,7,No_Nightstand,9,NoUpholstery
  • 1,21,2,Clapboard_Headboard,7,No_Nightstand,9,NoUpholstery
  • 1,23,2,Clapboard_Headboard,7,No_Nightstand,9,NoUpholstery
  • 1,33,2,Clapboard_Headboard,7,No_Nightstand,9,NoUpholstery
  • 1,41,2,Clapboard_Headboard,7,No_Nightstand,9,NoUpholstery
  • 1,43,2,Clapboard_Headboard,7,No_Nightstand,9,NoUpholstery
  • 1,51,2,Clapboard_Headboard,7,No_Nightstand,9,NoUpholstery
  • 1,53,2,Clapboard_Headboard,7,No_Nightstand,9,NoUpholstery
  • 1,62,2,Clapboard_Headboard,7,No_Nightstand,9,NoUpholstery

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