Linn Bedroom
With moderate scaling and soft contemporary design, the Linn Bed is designed for a mattress only. It is perfectly complemented by the attached nightstands. The Linn Bedroom is crafted in white oak or solid American black walnut or cherry lumber that has been reclaimed from our operations. The finish is GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions.
  1. Linn Bed in Natural Cherry
  2. Linn Bed in Saddle Cherry
  3. Linn Bed in Oak
  4. Linn Bed in Walnut
  5. Linn Shelf Nightstand in Natural Cherry left and right
  6. Linn Shelf Nightstand in Saddle Cherry left and right
  7. Linn Shelf Nightstand left and right in Oak
  8. Linn Shelf Nightstand in Walnut left and right
  9. Linn 1 Drawer Nightstand in Natural Cherry
  10. Linn 1 Drawer Nightstand in Saddle Cherry
  11. Linn 1Drawer in Oak
  12. Linn 1 Drawer Nightstand in Walnut
  13. Linn 5 Drawer in Natural Cherry
  14. Linn 5 Drawer in Saddle Cherry
  15. Linn 5 Drawer in Oak
  16. Linn 5 Drawer in Walnut
  17. Linn 6 Drawer in Natural Cherry
  18. Linn 6 Drawer in Saddle Cherry
  19. Linn 6 Drawer in Oak
  20. Linn 6 Drawer in Walnut

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