Armin Driver

Armin Driver is the Design Director for Copeland Furniture. Armin started her education at SNDT University, Mumbai, India where she completed her diploma in Interior Design. Upon graduating from SNDT, she joined Circus Design Studio as a founding partner where she worked on several interior and architectural projects for nine years. In 1998 she moved to Ft. Bragg, California to attend the College of Redwoods studying fine woodworking under master craftsman James Krenov for two years. She then joined Copeland Furniture and has been with them since then.

Carl Thompson

Carl Thompson trained and graduated as an Industrial Designer. He has worked for some of the most respected names in modern design including Eliot Noyes, Walter Dorwin Teague, and Henry Dreyfuss. Over the course of his career he has designed a broad range of products with a particular emphasis on aircraft interiors, rapid transit vehicles, and industrial vehicles. In each case, seating is an elementary and important piece. That experience applies to furniture design, a continuing interest. He believes design is the synthesis of materials, methods, art, and science producing attractive, comfortable, useful objects and furnishings. This approach has led to domestic and international recognition.